During my upgrading in UBC I had:

1. Honors in Partial denture module
2. Student award in oral surgery
3. Honours in student mentoring

Courses I took After Upgrading My degree in UBC:

1. Tuckers course Gold restorations Dr. Tucker
2. Implant course Mini implant course Dr. Bruno Lamey
3. Implant course All on four Dr. Mark Kwon
4. Implant course Esthetic zone Dr. Mark Kwon
5. Implant course Hands on Dr. Mongalo
6. Invisalign I
7. Orthodontics course Dr. Daniel Cheng
8. Invisalign II
9. Platelet Rich Fibrin Program for implant Dentistry with Dr. Mark Kwon
10. Occlusion for implant DR. Mark kwon
11. Orthodontic education Phase 2 with Dr. Jin Song
12. Faces and Braces study club By Dr. Lawry

Dr. Roushanak Shafaghi

Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a dentist. In 1994 I graduated from dental school at Azad University in Tehran, Iran. In 2011, I earned my DMD at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and began dental practicing in Vancouver. I have been a Clinical Instructor in UBC after my graduation.I am still teaching in UBC. I actively pursue continuing education so that I can provide my patients with the most up-to-date treatments available.

I have a wonderful family who have all been a great source of support to me in my career. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, going to the gym, and painting in water colours.

Dr. Roushi has the touch of an angel. My family and I have found our family dentist for life.

Thomas Galang

I saw Dr. Roushanak while I was pregnant. She was very gentle and I didn't feel any stress while she was treating me and making sure my teeth and gums are prepared for my pregnancy. My best testimonial is my smile and my kids' smiles. Thank you!

Joy Marie Zapanta

I have known Dr. Shafaghi since she entered our International Dental Degree Completion Program in 2009. I first worked with her as a student and then as a clinical instructor in the Operative Dentistry Clinical Simulation Course I coordinate and during this time I have come to regard her as a compassionate, caring, individual who highly values the practice of ethical high quality dentistry.

Dr. Karen Gardner, DMD, M Ed, FCP

Thank you for the great experience. I'm definitely visiting you again.