Tooth sensitivity is one of the common reasons patients attend a dental clinic.

Dental sensitivity can be sharp and sudden, dull, generalized, localized, temporary or lasting.

Here are some reasons for Sensitivity:

  • Aggressive brushing with a hard tooth brush or course tooth paste.
  • Gum recession
  • Decay (cavities)
  • Grinding or clenching
  • Using teeth whitening products
  • Continuously consuming acidic food or liquids
  • After getting restoration done
  • etc

Some ways to treat sensitivity are:

  • Gentle brushing, stop using hard tooth brush. Remember, you need to clean your teeth and gum lines, however you don’t need to scrub them.
  • Using fluoride products such as mouth wash or varnish
  • Getting restoration done in the case of having decay.
  • Getting a night guard or botox injection in the case of grinding and clenching
  • Stop using teeth whitening products, whitening strips, whitening tooth paste or mouth washes, …
  • Minimize consumption of acidic foods and rinse you mouth after.
  • If you have sensitivity after a filling get it checked with your dentist.
  • Sometimes the tooth will need root canal treatment if the sensitivity doesn’t get better with other treatments.

If you have sensitivity, please get it checked with your dentist for the proper treatment!

Tooth sensitivity