Children News

Since the news of the incident about 4 years old Amber in Edmonton was released, several of our patients showed concern about dental procedures for their children. These worried parents are even concerned about routine recall exams and cleaning.

I would like to assure all the parents that these incidents are significantly rare. Most children can handle the procedures without any sedations. The ones who can not handle it, will have several options of having oral sedations, Nitrous oxide, or other options for their treatment.

Children who need to go under general anaesthesia will be referred to highly qualified specialists to be treated. General anaesthesia is used every day, all over the world to treat dental decay for patients that can not handle the other options.

The point is that if a child needs to be under general anaesthesia there are strict rules in BC. In British Columbia, all dental procedures that involve general anaesthesia require five qualified professionals:

  • the anaesthetist
  • the operating dentist
  • the operative assistant
  • the recovery supervisor
  • the office assistant.

These procedures will be done in the hospital, which is equipped with all of the necessary emergency needs in case of any complications.

I would like to ask parents to be calm and communicate with their dentists and ask about their children’s treatment options.

Happy Smile Dental Clinic team’s heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with Amber and her family.

We hope to hear good news about Amber’s health very soon.

Dr. Roushanak Shafaghi