Orthodontics is the treatment of irregularities in the teeth (especially of alignment and occlusion) and jaws, including the use of braces.

Who needs braces?

People who have crowding, maligned teeth, spacing between teeth and missing teeth can benefit from orthodontic treatment.

What is the age that someone can get the treatment done?

Orthodontic treatment can start with very early ages to any age in adults. The important thing is that treatment in younger people will be faster and with less complication in comparison to older adults.

How does it work:

There are sets of brackets that will be cemented on teeth. There are series of wires that will go into the brackets. These wires will be used from thinner to thicker to align teeth. The wires will be held on bracket with colourful donut shape elastics. These donuts will be changed every 4 weeks to activate the wire.

What percussions need to be taken when having braces?

While having braces ideally teeth need to be brushed after eating food every single time. Brackets will cause food impaction that can effect gums and cause decays if not kept clean.