Preventative dentistry (health line) is the area of dentistry that focuses on those procedures and life practices that help people to prevent the beginning or progression of oral disease. It includes at-home dental care performed by patients, as well as dental care and education by professional dental staff in the office or clinic.

Examples of preventative treatments in our clinic includes, but not limited to:
  • Oral hygiene instructions

How to brush and floss properly. Also suggesting mouth rinses if the patient is a candidate for using any rinse.

  • Cancer screening

Checking all the soft tissue to make sure they look normal.

  • Fissure sealant for newly erupted permanent teeth

This procedure is covering the deep grooves of molar and premolar teeth to prevent them of having cavities on chewing surfaces.

Regular recall appointments every 6 months to monitor health of soft and hard tissues are the key to prevent many complications. Recall appointments include cleaning (scaling) which is a preventive treatment for gum desease (periodontal desease).